About Us

Climatecrisis247 devotes itself to the financial and economic aspects of climate change. It covers these subjects and carries database and academic content, creating a series of libraries for the reader.

Editors David Callaway and Douglas McIntyre run Climatecrisis247.

David Callaway is founder and editor of Callaway Climate Insights, a former editor of USA Today and MarketWatch, and former CEO of TheStreet Inc.

Douglas A. McIntyre is the former editor-in-chief of 24/ Wall St., LLC and former publisher of Financial World magazine. He was also the CEO of commodities and futures trading terminal and news service FutureSource. 

Greenspan Consulting oversees all source media.

SlipFire Web Development oversees content management and website design. 

Contact Information:

Douglas A. McIntyre 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 917-865-2143

Climatecrisis247 LLC is owned by David Callaway and Douglas McIntyre who provided the funds to start the company.

Our Editorial Guidelines can be found here.