Americans Could Be Flying High In A Solar Plane

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Since the dawn of flight, planes have been powered by fossil fuels. This industry has become so large that it contributes substantially to global warming. However, the airline industry continues to grow, and aircraft are critical to militaries in almost every country. Investors have experimented with alternative fuels. The FAA has approved some of these. None has been a commercial success, but that may be changing.

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Tests of solar planes have become more promising in the last several months. According to The Wall Street Journal, a company in Mississippi conducted advanced test flights this week. The solar-powered Skydweller will be available for sale next year. These aircraft may not be able to carry people yet, but they will be useful for some cargo. 

Climatecrisis247 believes that solar technology is advanced enough now that commercial solar aircraft could be widely available by the decade’s end. Gas-powered jets are among the most polluting vehicles in the world, and aviation has caused about 4% of all global warming. However, the primary barrier to the technology is whether solar-powered aircraft can carry heavy cargo and passengers long distances.

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