Disasters Total $25 Billion So Far This Year

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According to NOAA, there have been 11 disasters, each of which cost over $1 billion in losses so far this year. Most were thunderstorms, hail, or tornadoes. The agency reports, “These disasters consisted of nine severe storm events and two winter storms. The total cost of these events exceeds $25 billion, and they have resulted in at least 84 fatalities.”

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Climatecisis247 believes that this is not only expected but will worsen this year. Hurricane season could be the worst on record because of a warming Atlantic Ocean, and wildfire season is about to begin.

Most of the damage was related to high temperatures and heavy rain. NOAA scientists wrote, “The average May temperature across the contiguous U.S. was 62.3 degrees F (2.1 degrees above the 20th-century average), ranking as the 13th-warmest May in NOAA’s 130-year climate record.”


Hurricane season should drive these much higher. Earlier this year, experts at Accuweather reported: “The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season is likely to be much worse than last year with 20 to 25 named storms predicted, and experts warn now is the time to prepare before the onslaught of storms and hurricanes begins.” Florida will be hit by a huge tropical rainstorm this week.


Finally, The Guardian recently reported: This week’s broiling heatwave in the US south-west is just the start of what experts warn will be a brutally hot summer, setting the stage for an active wildfire season – even in places that don’t burn often.

What is $25 billon will turn into a much larger figure. The year is not even half over.

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