Fried Eggs And The Climate Crisis

The gas kitchen stove causes air pollution, at least in Europe. This is according to a new study by Clasp. However, this study may be biased. Clasp, a nonprofit, supports “Efficient Appliances for People & the Planet. “ Its research shows that gas stoves create pollution levels above WHO standards. Nitrogen dioxide produced by gas stoves was two times higher than from electric ones, according to this data.

The nitrogen dioxide produced by gas stoves, the organization says, “causes inflammation of human airways, coughing and wheezing, reduced lung function, and increased asthma attacks, especially in children.” The study was done in seven European countries. The WHO and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission largely agree with the Clasp study based on their data.

How do we solve this problem? Many people will not replace gas stoves because it will be expensive. Visit (we don’t get an incentive) and browse the electric stove section. Someone who wants to convert from gas to electric will pay a $700 bill plus taxes and installation. 

Unlike electric cars, the government does not offer tax credits for electric stoves. To move the needle away from gas, it will have to. People may want to help slow the problems of the climate crisis, but not if the money comes from their own pockets.

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