1,000 Lightning Strikes Start Fires In California

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According to several news reports, approximately 1,000 lightning strikes in three hours started several wildfires in California.

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The wildfire season has started in earnest in California. As many as 1,000 lightning strikes set off fires near Fresno. Over 10,000 acres have burned already and are not under control. The challenges are not just the fires; three are active and growing. Fires of this size usually start much later in the year. 

Climatecrisis247 believes that, while it is a bad sign, wildfires have started early. The number of 1,000 lightning strikes in three hours may be unprecedented.

California Reports

According to CALFIRE, posting on X, formerly known as Twitter:

Eastern Fresno County has experienced over 1000 lightning strikes in the past 3 hours. Here are the fires that we are currently working in the area: Strike Fire-Tollhouse Rd & Pittman Hill, 20×20 spot, fire contained. Flash Fire-Kings Canyon & Cove Rd, 170 acres, 0% contained. Muscat Fire-Crawford & Muscat, 140 acres, 80% contained. MAL Fire-Malvern & Shaw, 1 acre, fire contained.  Bolt Fire-Palomino & Elwood Rd, Wonder Valley area, 120 acres, 0% contained.

The Western Fire Chief Association writes that the fire season runs from May to October. Some of the worst fires are late in the year. However, as the March wildfires in Texas show, the season can start much sooner.

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