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Relentless heat worldwide continues, and it is not even summer (which starts June 21). This is particularly true compared to normal temperatures in India and the US. The health and economic effects have already begun. In the US, “excessive heat warnings” exist in southern Nevada and much of Arizona. Temperatures in these areas will soar well above 100 degrees F as they have for days. In parts of Northern India, temperatures are above 112 degrees F. One of the unusual aspects of these heat waves is that they have lasted such long periods. And, based on forecasts, they can last longer. Climatecrisis247 believes that parts of the world have already reached the climate change tipping points and that violent and dangerous weather will not be reversed. This will cause economic and political turmoil in the foreseeable future. 

Climate scientists have started to express concerns that they cannot accurately track the health effects and deaths caused by the climate crisis. According to NPR, “The definitive federal accounting of climate change’s impacts in the United States, the National Climate Assessment, estimates that upward of 1,300 people die in the U.S. each year due to heat alone and that extreme floods, hurricanes and wildfires routinely kill hundreds more. But those numbers are rough estimates.” Climatecrisis247 views this as a US problem . However, it is much worse in developing countries. Thousands of people, for example, have died from weather events in India. Data collection is so primitive, however, that it cannot measure what is more likely to have been tens of thousands of deaths in the nation so far this year. These low counts can make the climate crisis seem less urgent. 

Climate Politics

Conservative politicians may care less about climate change than those who are middle-of-the-road or liberal. This makes elections of right-wing politicians around the world a threat to climate change measurements and climate change solutions. Bloomberg reports that Ingvild Sørhus, who focuses on carbon at Oslo-based analysis firm Veyt, “A strong and confident right will probably succeed in blocking new climate legislation that puts costs on households and industries.” Climatecrisis247 believes that this could happen in the US as well. Republican and right-wing politicians have already shown they support the deregulation of fossil fuel companies and plans to increase the areas where they can drill or mine. 

Deep Sea

Human noise affects the oceans, and climate change has worsened this. According to a research paper titled “Predicting the contribution of climate change on North Atlantic underwater sound propagation.” The authors point out, “Since the industrial revolution, oceans have become substantially noisier. The noise increase is mainly caused by increased shipping, resource exploration, and infrastructure development affecting marine life at multiple levels, including behavior and physiology. Together with increasing anthropogenic noise, climate change is altering the thermal structure of the oceans, which in turn might affect noise propagation.” Climatecrisis247 believes this is part of the growing set of discoveries about climate change that are often unexpected but nearly always negative.

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