Almost The Entire World Gets Hotter

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Relentless heat worldwide continues, and it is not even summer (which starts June 21). This is particularly true compared to normal temperatures in India and the US. The health and economic effects have already begun. In the US, “excessive heat warnings” exist in southern Nevada and much of Arizona. Temperatures in these areas will soar well above 100 degrees F as they have for days. In parts of Northern India, temperatures are above 112 degrees F. One of the unusual aspects of these heat waves is that they have lasted such long periods. And, based on forecasts, they can last longer.

What Is Worse? –COVID or Climate Crisis?

Because May was the hottest on record, there is an assumption that this could be the case for each month during the balance of the year

Saudi Arabia

The hottest places now are Saudi Arabia, where it is over 120 degrees F, Kuwait, Algeria, and Qatar. At least these places have an expected level of heat for this time of year.

Climatecrisis247 believes that parts of the world have already reached the climate change tipping points and that violent and dangerous weather will not be reversed. This will cause economic and political turmoil in the foreseeable future.

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