Exxon Leads Polluter List

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The Clean Energy Task Force has released its “Benchmarking Methane and Other Greenhouse Gas Emissions Of Oil & Natural Gas Production in the United States.” Its key finding–”Of 298 oil and natural gas producers with reported data, the top 100 oil and gas producers (by total energy production) were responsible for around 91% of energy production and approximately 74% and 76%, respectively, of total reported methane and GHG emissions in 2022. 

An Alternative –Trouble With Nuclear Power

While most top-100 producers are among the top 100 emitters, production rank does not correspond to emissions rank.” The key Emissions & Emissions Intensities of the Top 100 Producers put Exxon Mobil at the top, followed by Chesapeake Energy, EOG Resource, and ConocoPhillips.

Exxon Not At Fault?

Clmatecris247 believes the list rank is nothing new. These companies have been at the center of destroying the world’s climate through emissions. Their regulation has been lax, and they have essentially operated as they like, driven only by profit motives. It is also a sign that the world needs fossil fuels as a key energy source.

Darren Woods, the CEO of Exxon Mobil, told Fortune, “The people who are generating the emissions need to be aware of and pay the price for generating those emissions. That’s ultimately how you solve the problem.”  It’s not Exxon’s fault. It’s yours.

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