Rolls Royce Goes Nuclear

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Rolls Royce, known for its $400,000 cars and large jet engines, has entered the nuclear power plant business. As the need for alternatives to fossil fuels grows, nuclear power could be among the company’s largest revenue sources.

Renewables Growth –The Slow Growth Problem

Biggest Greenhouse Gas Challenge –The Role Of Big Cities

Semafor states, “Rolls-Royce got approval to build nuclear power plants in Poland. The state-run energy company Industria chose the British firm to build 470-megawatt small modular reactors, each capable of powering around 450,000 homes.”

Although few people know it, Rolls Royce has a Small Module Reactor division. It promotes its products as green, much less expensive than traditional reactors, using common systems across all construction, and built at a price level and ROI that should allow its customers to get outside capital.

A Solution To Slow Renewable Growth

Small reactors could be critical to US alternative energy needs if they can quickly gain approval from the federal and state governments. That is not the case today. 

The pace at which solar and wind power are growing in the US is not fast enough to replace fossil fuel use as energy demand increases. Nuclear is the only solution to this problem.

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