Hail Storms Pound Nebraska

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Huge hail storms have hit earlier than usual in the country’s center. Massive thunderstorms and tornados have also been part of weather that has dropped hail an inch or more wide. Hail can cause substantial damage to homes, cars, and crops. In rare cases, it can injure people. 

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Nebraska is the state where hail has caused the most damage over time. One problem with these storms is that property damaged by hail is often not insured. According to PropertyCasualty 360, Allstate had over $3 billion in payouts last year due to hail storms.

Nearly 7,000 Storms

The Insurance Information Institute reported 486 hail events in Nebraska last year. A hail event includes hail that is at least one inch in diameter. Hail events have skyrocketed. There were 6,962 in 2023 nationwide and 4,426 in 2022. NOAA reported that Texas and Nebraska had the largest numbers. , 

If the payouts for hail damage were $3 billion last year, the sum people had to pay out of their own pockets must be in the hundreds of millions. It is another example of how expensive severe events can be, both to the general public and industries related to the damage of that weather.

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