Ford’s Failing F-150 Faces Challenge From Japan

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Ford has only been able to sell a few thousand of its F-150 Lightning EVs a month, a colossal failure. The pickup, which takes its name from the most successful vehicle in the US, has not caught the attention of gas-powered pick-up owners. Or it is part of the trend away from EVs after several years of growth in the category. 

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The F-150 Lightning may be challenged by one of the Japanese companies that caused so much damage to US car companies in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Toyota told CNBC that it may attack the US market with EV and hybrid versions of its Tacoma and Tundra pickups. Toyota is the world’s largest car company, having bested both GM and VW, which used to vie for that spot.

CNBC states,  “Toyota Motor is evaluating an expansion of its U.S. truck lineup that could include all-electric or plug-in hybrid electric versions of its Tacoma and Tundra pickups.”

The US truck market is too lucrative for Toyota to ignore. Most years, the best-selling vehicles in America are three full-sized pickups. These are the F-series, GM Chevy Silverado, and RAM.

Toyota has already shown how clever it can be in the non-gas-powered car sector. After two years of criticism that it had yet to attack the EV market aggressively, its success in hybrids showed that it was better at taking market share from all-gas-engine cars and light trucks. 

Toyota EV pickups are coming to America, and Ford’s bet on the eF-150 Lightning is about to worsen.

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