Climate Change Hurts Everyone –Most Important Climate News  6/7/24

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A leading WHO expert says climate change affects all humans, regardless of age, health, or gender. The comments were based on articles in The Journal of Global Health titled “Climate change impacts on health across the life course.” The research paper noted, “Measurable impacts are noted on all domains of health (e.g. physical, cognitive, psychological, sensory, vitality) across the life course.” Dr Anshu Banerjee, Director of Maternal, Newborn, Child, and Adolescent Health and Ageing at the World Health Organization (WHO), commented: “These studies show clearly that climate change is not a distant health threat and that certain populations are already paying a high price.” Climatecrisis247 believes that although much research focuses on vulnerable parts of the population, research has begun to widen that scope to say that virtually all humans are, or soon will be, at risk. 

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Record temperatures in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and South Texas show that climate change has brought high temperatures to the region much earlier than usual. In some parts of this area, temperatures are expected to be above 110 degrees F. Climatecrisis247 believes this is another example of extreme heat, which occurs in July and August starting to appear in spring. Climate change has triggered unusual and damaging weather effects well outside the “normal” range worldwide, and experts expect this to happen more often in the future. 

Farming Trouble

EWG has published a paper claiming that government help given to farmers near the Colorado River has not helped them adapt to climate change. “The USDA’s conservation and crop insurance programs need reform in order to help farmers adapt to drought exacerbated by the climate crisis. The programs must also reduce funding for farming practices that undermine the region’s climate resilience,” the authors wrote. The basis of the analysis is that as farmers use increased amounts of river water, its levels will likely continue to fall. These practices will eventually draw off enough water, making farming less and less possible. Climatecrisis247 believes that this is another example of how government programs meant to help industries navigate their futures as climate change accelerates can actually make practices more likely to exacerbate the trouble. 

Ignoring Climate Change

Climate change is not a priority across much of the population compared to other government disasters. According to Phys,org, an article in the European Journal of Political Research showed regarding whether people would accept a fuel tax to lower the use of fossil fuels,” The results showed that support for such a tax was 12% higher among participants who had been given information about the climate crisis beforehand than among uninformed participants. However, if the respondents were also reminded of other current crises such as COVID-19 or the war in Ukraine after they received information about the climate crisis, their stated willingness to support a tax on fossil fuels fell considerably.” Climatecrisis247 believes this shows how difficult it is to get substantial public support for climate change policies. Many people barely look at it as a priority.

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