Climate Crisis Could Cause War–Expert Says

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Dr. Joel Myers, AccuWeather’s Founder and Executive Chairman, is the grandfather of American weather forecasting. He recently pulled no punches when describing the possible effect of climate change on the world’s population. He sees temperatures rising at a faster-than-expected rate. This could cause large numbers of deaths and the need for mass migrations—or worse. 

Worst Weather –New Mexico Drought

“This impact of extreme heat of this severity for an extended period of time could be equivalent to the mortality in a pandemic, or even worse, creating conditions for increased migration and could lead to global tensions, conflicts, and potentially even war.”

The signs of the quickening climate crisis have appeared around the world recently. India posted temperatures above 120 degrees F. Scientists believe humans cannot survive long when unprotected in heat above 125 degrees F for more than a few days.

Pacific Storms

In the US, massive storms from the Pacific pounded the West Coast with record rains and inland snowfall, alleviating at least a decade of drought. 

In March, the Smoke Creek wildfire burned more acres than any fire in Texas history. More recently, massive hailstorms and tornadoes have occurred from Texas to Minnesota. 

Most recently, temperatures have reached 110 degrees F from Las Vegas to Phoenix, and summer has not even arrived.

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