Drought Plagues New Mexico

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Unexpectedly, after a decade-long period known as the 1,200-year drought, California has no areas of drought. Heavy rain and snow, driven by winds off the Pacific, have changed that. Even with the baking heat, neither Las Vegas nor Phoenix suffers from drought conditions considered more than moderate. 

America’s Biggest Polluter –Exxon

The US Drought Monitor only shows one area in the US that falls into the worst category–known as D4, or “exceptional drought.” This is defined as ‘Crop and pasture losses: Exceptional and widespread losses Water shortages: Shortages in reservoirs, streams, and wells that lead to water emergencies Fire risk: An exceptional fire risk.’ The area is southern New Mexico near the Mexican border. 

The area includes Roswell and Carlsbad. Roswell is also one of the hottest cities in America. Mean maximum temperatures have been above 100 degrees F in May through August. Carlsbad weather is close to identical. Each also receives very little rainfall.

One of the only benefits of the New Mexico drought is that it occurs in a small population area, which was not true just a year ago. It is another example of how extreme weather moves.

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