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According to the IEA’s new study, “Investment in clean energy this year is set to be twice the amount going to fossil fuels.” The authors wrote, “Clean energy technologies and infrastructure should reach $2 trillion this year.” The total investment in energy will be $3 trillion, so investment in fossil fuels will be modest. China will be the growth engine, with investments totaling $675 million.  Climatecrisis247 believes that the analysis included a warning that the costs of renewable energy remain high, and emerging markets have almost no capital. This has been the case for years. Government investment has been spotty despite promises of capital. The high cost of investment has hindered access to private sector money. As the climate crisis gets worse, the pace of alternative energy investment may be too slow to fight what is already an immense and fast-growing problem. 

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Climate Disaster –Oceans Can’t Be Saved

The Clean Energy Task Force has released its “Benchmarking Methane and Other Greenhouse Gas Emissions Of Oil & Natural Gas Production in the United States.” Its key finding–”Of 298 oil and natural gas producers with reported data, the top 100 oil and gas producers (by total energy production) were responsible for around 91% of energy production and approximately 74% and 76%, respectively, of total reported methane and GHG emissions in 2022. While most top-100 producers are also among the top 100 emitters, production rank does not correspond to emissions rank.” The key Emissions & Emissions Intensities of the Top 100 Producers put Exxon Mobil at the top, followed by Chesapeake Energy, EOG Resource, and ConocoPhillips.Clmatecris247 believes the list rank is nothing new. These companies have been at the center of destroying the world’s climate through emissions. Their regulation has been lax, and they have essentially operated as they like, driven only by profit motives. It is also a sign that the world continues to need fossil fuels as a key source of energy.

Climate Hell

“Climate hell” is the way the head of the US describes the world if greenhouse gas emissions are immediately brought under control. He made this point as the average global temperature for the 12 months to the end of May was 1.63 degrees C above the pre-industrial figure, higher than the threshold scientists believe triggers uncontrollable climate disasters. Climatecrisis247 thinks this situation will not be improved. Government regulation and enforcement are too lax. Investments in alternative energy have been too poor, especially in third-world countries

No Worry About Health Disasters From Climate Change

A new study entitled “Axios-Ipsos poll: Climate change seen as mounting health threat” finds that the extreme weather this year will be worse than last among those who say it will be “a lot worse” at 12% and “somewhat worse” at 25%. 36% think it will be “on par” with last summer. Climatecrisis247 finds the results shocking. Despite record heat very early in the summer and incidents of tornadoes, high winds, and hail storms, many people think this year’s hazardous weather will be the same as last year’s.

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