The Oceans Can’t Be Saved

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One of the most frequently mentioned facts about the world’s oceans is that they are, more than anything else, the last defense against global warming. That defense has already begun to disappear. The Atlantic has warmed enough to power massive storms, and the oceans near both poles are melting. 

Hottest Place In America Today 108 Degrees F

A new study from AGU Advances examines the major causes of rising ocean temperatures and the damage they can cause to the environment. In the paper “Column-Compound Extremes in the Global Ocean,” the authors call these factors “stressors.” The scientists point out, “The global ocean is becoming warmer, more acidic, and losing oxygen due to climate change. On top of this trend, sudden increases in temperature or drops in pH or oxygen adversely affect marine organisms when they cannot quickly adapt to these extreme conditions. These conditions are worse for marine organisms when such extremes occur together in the vertical water column, leading to column-compound extreme (CCX) events, severely reducing the available habitable space.” Ultimately, the threat is the future of a large number of species. 

Sea Levels

Climatecrisis247 believes this is among many studies showing the effect of human damage to oceans. In many cases, the studies point to warming oceans that help the development of intense storms and the melting of the polar areas, which in turn causes rising sea levels. 

So, species are not the only issue. Additionally, there is the fate of much of humanity, many of who live near the world’s oceans

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