EV China Trouble–Climate Crisis AM Edition 3/28/24

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According to a new analysis from The Wall Street Journal, the EV world is divided into two parts: vehicles made in China and those made everywhere else. Many nations currently block cars made by Chinese-owned companies and some Chinese-made car parts. There is a concern that the sticker price of these can be so low that Chinese companies could dominate the industry worldwide. On the other hand, some car companies not based in China are making more of their vehicles there to save on costs. The paper writes, “More global carmakers are considering increasing exports from China—where cars, and especially EVs, are typically cheaper to make—but only to select destinations. Few are likely to end up on the U.S. market, but places such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East are rapidly growing markets.” Climatecrisis247 believes these sanctions will eventually drop as consumers demand lower prices for EVs. Chinese companies like BYD, the largest EV manufacturer in the world, already have plans to move into other markets. They sell some of their cars for as little as $10,000. The fear that they could take a large market share in developed countries is real. 

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Expense Threat –Could Oil Prices Rise To $100?

Climate change has started to slow the world’s rotation. This will affect the ability to keep time accurate. The comments are based on a paper published in the journal Nature titled “A global timekeeping problem postponed by global warming,” The Washington Post reports, The planet is not about to jerk to a halt, nor speed up so rapidly that everyone gets flung into space. But timekeeping is an exact science in a highly technological society, which is why global authorities more than half a century ago felt compelled by the slight changes in Earth’s rotation to invent the concept of the “leap second.”. Climatecrisis247 believes most climate change news concerns major effects like temperature, drought, and major storms. It can also have less well-known but important consequences. 

Fixing Climate Forecasts

While huge storms, floods, and droughts may be considered among the most damaging effects of climate change, heat waves that change temperatures at extreme rates are more dangerous under some conditions. Al Jazeera says, “Climate change is dramatically increasing the probability that we will see a mass fatality extreme heat disaster soon.” Climatecrisis247 believes that isolating one form of dangerous climate change over others carries a risk because it argues for solutions that address a portion of the global catastrophe but not all of it.

Better Math And Climate Forecasts

More accurate estimates of the pace of climate change will help combat it better. According to an analysis by the University of California Riverside titled “Better math adds up to trillions in climate-related savings,” statisticians can take many studies and make the sum of their conclusions more accurate. King-Fai Li, the study’s author and UC Riverside assistant professor of environmental science and statistics, writes, “All of the models predict warming when CO2 is doubled. But their predictions vary greatly from each other, from 1.3 to 3 degrees Celsius. And that is a problem.” Climatecrisis247 believes that the idea is novel but not practical. The number of academic studies about climate change rises rapidly yearly, with thousands produced annually. An attempt to use statistical models to combine their conclusions and make them more “accurate” is impossible

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