Climate Is Ruining World’s Wine Supply

Add wine grapes to the list of crops ruined by the climate crisis. Global revenue from wine sales is about $280 billion a year. Statista estimates the figure will grow about 5% a year through 2028. That figure is nearly the same as Chile’s annual GDP. It also adds up to about 6.9 billion gallons per annum.

The effects of climate change on wine growers are part of an analysis in the journal Nature. Titled “Climate change impacts and adaptations of wine production,” the study looks at grape yield and wine quality. “About 90% of traditional wine regions in coastal and lowland regions of Spain, Italy, Greece and southern California could be at risk of disappearing by the end of the century because of excessive drought and more frequent heatwaves with climate change,” the authors wrote. 

Climatecrisis247 sees this as part of a long list of crop and agriculture problems created by climate change, and one that will almost certainly not be reversed. As global warming quickens, there are no resources to help farmers with any commodity damaged or threatened by heat, drought, heavy rain, or floods.

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