Utah County Will Buy Your Lawn to Save Water

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While there has been enough rain to relieve some of the droughts in the Western US, many scientists still describe it as a 1,200-year drought. Rivers and lakes have only been partially refiled, and their levels may drop again. Cities like Phoenix, which has grown rapidly for years, now face the fact that there is not enough water for new businesses and residents.

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Part of Utah continues to suffer from dry weather, so it must find ways to conserve water. One country has offered to buy people’s lawns so they do not have to be watered. 

According to Reasons to be Cheerful, “Water conservation is necessary to meet the increasing demands of growth, and Washington County boasts some of the toughest measures in Utah — including a bold program to “buy” residents’ grass as a way to get them to swap in less water-dependent plants. “

Too Expensive

One challenge for Washinton County is that it has over 175,000 residents. That means there is a chance that the programs could cost a fortune if it is successful.

A much more realistic means of rationing water is to prohibit residents and businesses from watering lawns. While this may seem draconian, it may be among the few ways to reserve water in any substantial way.

Buying people’s lawns is too expensive.

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