England Has Wettest Year In A Century

Dominika Gregušová Pexels

Climate change has raced toward causing disasters much faster than expected. In the US, temperatures in Phoenix have been above 110 degrees F for weeks. A 1,200-year drought in the West has been partially alleviated by massive rain and snow storms, which have also set records. In some areas, temperatures have run 20 degrees F this spring in parts of the northern tier of states. 

The FT points out that changes in the weather patterns in the UK have been extraordinary. “England drenched after the wettest 18 months since records began in 1836,” one of its headlines read. Scientists expect warmer water in the Atlantic will mean this pattern will continue and perhaps worsen.

In summer 2022, summer temperatures hit record highs across much of England, further proof of how tremendously and quickly the weather changes there. In one area north of London, the temperature reached 105 degrees F in July. According to The Washington Post, “England, Wales and Scotland also established their highest minimum (nighttime) temperatures ever recorded. At London’s Kenley Airport, the record-setting low was a tropical 78.4 degrees (25.8 Celsius).”

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