North Caroline Most Dangerous Place For Hurricanes


According to a new study, areas along North Carolina’s coast are the most likely places in the US to be hit by hurricanes and tropical storms. Given the forecast for a dangerous hurricane season this year and the hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure and residential damage accompanying them, the state is unlikely to be spared.

Wind Energy –Falling Apart?

Cape Hatteras, Morehead City, and Wilmington are the areas with the highest odds of being affected by hurricanes or tropical storms. Each area experiences these events once every year and a half. 

The last example of a large hurricane that hit North Carolina was Florence in 2012. Total infrastructure and residential damage was $22 billion. The hurricane made landfall on September 14 as a Category 1 hurricane.

Insurance Rates

There are effects on personal finances and corporate costs well before hurricanes or tropical storms hit. This year, home insurers are asking for a 42% rate increase. Along the coast, the figure is as high as 99%. 

Ultimately, and perhaps very soon, high insurance rates affect real estate prices. This has already happened along the Flordia coast. Storm or not, Atlantic Coast residents have found that living on the ocean has become costly and will only worsen.

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