The Hottest Place In The World Today

Global warming has caused temperatures to rise enough in large geographic areas that extreme heat is a worldwide health issue. Phoenix had an entire month this year in the US when daily temperatures were above 100 degrees F. An increasing body of evidence has emerged to gauge how hot is too hot for people to live for long periods.

Some parts of the world are too hot almost daily. That means the temperatures are over 100 degrees F or even 110 degrees regularly. Environmental experts are trying to determine where people in these geographic areas can go when it becomes too hot for a human to survive for more than a few days. 

The hottest place in the world today is already dangerously hot. According to El Dorado Weather, it is 111 degrees in Ngukurr Aws, Australia now.

Ngukurr Aws is on the Northern Coast of Australia. It is an area where several of the hottest places in the world are located.  

Like many of the “hottest places in the world,” the temperature in Ngukurr is hot throughout the year, with a record-high median temperature of over 100 degrees, except in May and June. In addition, the area receives very little rain from April through October. 
The northern part of Australia has a heat problem now, and it will only get worse. According to the Guardian, “Tropical regions including northern Australia could experience dangerously high heat levels most days of the year by 2100…” That future is here already.

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