EVs Save Big Money In Washington And Idaho

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A new study from Argonne National Lab shows the savings per mile of EVs compared to gas-powered cars. Among the points is that rising gas prices put Americans at risk for a surge. 

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Argonne produced a tool called the “Driving Electric: Local Fuel Savings Calculator.” Using it, the organization could compare the differences between gas-powered cars and EVs by ZIP code and state. It assumes the average number of miles traveled per vehicle per year in the US is 13,400. 

The average saving for moving from a gas-powered to an EV vehicle was 9.2 cents per mile. Annual fuel savings were just over $2,000,

Washington And Idaho

The states with the highest savings were Washington, at 16.3 cents a mile, and Idaho, at 17.1 cents. Massachusetts was among the lowest, at 6.8 cents. 

There are other issues with EVs. Many Americans do not like them because of their purchase prices, questions about the range, and the number of charging stations. 

Saving per mile per state is not likely to be a factor for most people.

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