The Hottest Place In The World Today 116 Degrees

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It is 116 degrees F in the city of Sikasso in southern Mali. Sikasso is the nation’s second-largest city, with a population of 225,000. Sweltering days are not unusual from December through April when the mean maximum temperature is usually well above 90 degrees F. In April, the figure is closer to 100 degrees F.

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Mali is landlocked. It is south of Algeria, east of Niger, and west of Mauritania. The World Weather online real-time temperature map shows that this area of Africa is unusually hot today, 

Mali is among the poorest nations in the world. GDP per capita is $2,100, making it 212th among all countries. Life expectancy is 62 year, which puts it 211th by that measure. 

The IMF has stated that the ongoing heat in central Africa represents a huge danger to a very poor population that cannot move elsewhere in any great numbers. In its “Africa’s Fragile States Are Greatest Climate Change Casualties”, the IMF asked that rich countries support programs to slow climate change in the region, and support the tens of millions of people who live there in ways that will help overcome the effect of heat and drought which have ruined much of the farming. “From the Central African Republic to Somalia and Sudan, fragile states suffer more from floods, droughts, storms and other climate-related shocks than other countries, when they have contributed the least to climate change.” Countries in the region could regularly experience two or more months when temperatures average above 100 degrees F during the day.

Based on the climate trends in Mali, there will not be relief from extreme temperatures for months.

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