New Mexico Heat Surges More Than Any State

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New Mexico Heat Surges Faster Than Any State

As more record temperatures fall to the searing heat racing across America, some places have posted increases over extended periods than a month or a day. New Mexico has the most significant growth over an extended period. It already has temperatures that top 100 degrees F in the summer.

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A study from the National Centers for Environmental Information shows all 50 states have increased an average of 2.50 degrees Fahrenheit since 1970. The endpoint of the study was 2018. According to Statista, “The top 10 fastest-warming states are in the Southwest and Northeast, with Arizona, Delaware, New Jersey and Utah all warming by more than 3.00 degrees.” New Mexico outpaced all these with an increase of 3.32 degrees F.

100 Degree Days

The largest city in New Mexico–Albuquerque, has posted over 100 degrees F several days since 1940. The record so far was several decades ago. According to,  “In 1980, the temperature reached at least 100° on 28 days!” During the last three years, it has come close to matching that. 

Albuquerque faces the same challenge as other cities in the southwest and Nevada. At what point do some have to leave or suffer permanent health consequences? Phoenix had 54 days when temperatures topped 100 degrees F last year. People with air conditioning are protected, but this is not always available among the poor and aged. And some day laborers work on the hottest days. 

Sooner rather than later, New Mexico will face an existential crisis.

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