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The stunning destructiveness of early spring weather across the country continues. Tornadoes damaged what has to be millions of dollars of property from Texas to Wisconsin. Flood in Houston destroyed highways and homes. Severe storms headed toward parts of the Eastern and southern US will threaten 80 million Americans today. Climatecrisis247 believes this is part of a pattern that will persist. Violent weather extends to more of the country over a longer period than in the past. Tornadoes and violent storms came to parts of the US a month or more ahead of the usual timetable. Massive hurricanes may make landfall closer to seasonal expectations but could be much more powerful than in the past. The national weather calendar has changed for the worse, which threatens more lives and property. 

Chocolate Problem –Climate Driven Price Increase

More 100 Degree Weather –Visit Texas

Governments and populations worldwide still often don’t prioritize climate change as a major threat. More immediate problems, at least in the eyes of the beholder, are more important. A new study from the Denmark-based Alliance of Democracies Foundation found, “Globally, 33% believe climate change is one of the world’s three main challenges, but only 14% say fighting it should be among the top three priorities for their government,” according to Euronews. Nearly 50% of those surveyed in some countries, especially Germany, said reducing immigration was a much greater issue. Climatecrisis247 believes that as climate change takes a back seat to many other problems, investments in combating it will not get the necessary investments from governments and the private sector. This, in turn, means the challenges of attacking environmental problems are viewed as a potential crisis in the future but an immediate one. 

Climate Change Increase Disease Threat

The journal Nature published an article that stated that climate change and pollution could cause a rise in infectious diseases. The study is titled “A meta-analysis on global change drivers and the risk of infectious disease.” The authors wrote, “We found that biodiversity loss, chemical pollution, climate change and introduced species are associated with increases in disease-related end points or harm, whereas urbanization is associated with decreases in disease end points.” Climatecrisis247 believes this is yet another piece of research about how climate change affects the population beyond the immediate effects of heat, drought, floods, and deadly storms. 

Climate Change And The Movies

Hollywood doesn’t care much about climate change, based on how often it is part of the plots, characters, and dialogue in 13 Oscar-nominated movies. The study, titled “Climate Reality Check,” was conducted by Colby. The data was based on the results of the most recent Oscars. It found, “Of the thirteen Oscar-nominated films we analyzed, three contained at least one character who was aware of climate change.” Climatecrisis247 believes this is another media stunt to use climate change to get attention. The study is based on a very limited and trivial universe.

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