Canada’s Massive Wildfires

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Last summer, the wildfires in eastern Canada were some of the largest in history. They spread thick smoke as far as Washington, DC, to the south and Misseanapolis to the west. Experts said these fires would occur many summers in the future.

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According to new research from The World Resource Institute, titled “Canada’s Record-breaking 2023 Wildfires Released Nearly 4 Times More Carbon than Global Aviation,” the effects of the fires were catastrophic. “Researchers from WRI’s Global Forest Watch initiative and the University of Maryland find that wildfires burned roughly 7.8 million hectares of forests in Canada in 2023 — more than 6 times the annual average since 2001.”

The Canadian fires were 23% of all tree loss globally last year. 

Can We Afford Research?

The report’s conclusions were unrealistic. “The full impact of Canada’s record-breaking wildfire season reveals a lesson for all countries: Fighting forest fires — and accurately accounting for their emissions — are critical measures for overcoming the world’s growing climate crisis.” The capital available for projects on this scale is not available.

What is almost certainly the case is that global warming and low levels of rain in many places where fires began in Canada are not likely to change significantly for the better.

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