Nuclear Power Failure –Most Important Climate News Today  5/13/24

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Massive Canadian wildfires may return, spreading smoke across much of America from New York to Minneapolis. A vast new fire has started to spread across Western Canada and has already consumed 25,000 acres—about a quarter the size of New York City. The Canadian government has warned about “poor air quality” in Western provinces. Climatecrisis247 believes these fires ranged from northwest Canada to British Columbia last year and could become a permanent summer event as much of Canada suffers from drought. If so, they will be a major climate challenge. 

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Science Report –World Losing Its Glaciers

Climate change has started melting glaciers in the Arctic Circle and Antarctica. Now, it has started to affect glaciers closer to the Equator. Venezuela recently lost its only glacier, and the same is happening in Columbia. According to The Times Of India, “Nestled in the heart of the Colombian Andes, Ritacuba Blanco once stood as a majestic icy giant within the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy National Park. Not so long ago, this landmark was cloaked in a thick blanket of ice and snow, but now it bears the scars of climate adversity: gaping crevices revealing its underlying rock, a clear indication of an environment in distress.” Climatecrisis247 believes that this should be no surprise. The Arctic Circle has posted temperatures as high as 100 degrees F, which happened on June 20, 2020, in the Russian town of Verkhoyansk. Global warming has hit some of the coldest parts of the world. 

Nuclear Power Misleading

The Union of Concerned Scientists has attacked the idea that new, small, next-generation nuclear plants can substantially contribute to the move toward green energy. The technology in question is” small modular nuclear reactors.” They have been described as easier to build than older, larger reactors, which are also supposedly considered less safe. “Despite the claims of developers, it is very unlikely that any reasonably foreseeable SMR design would be able to safely operate without reliable access to electricity from the grid to power coolant pumps and other vital safety systems.” Climatecrisis247 believes that, if true, this information undermined the use of what has been described as, along with solar and wind power, as a major way to combat global warming. 

America’s Parks Are Dying

The effects of climate change have changed the landscape of many of America’s major parks, and this is true to the extent that it has damaged the parts of the parks for which they are named. According to PHYS, “Glacier National Park’s ice fortress is crumbling. The giant trees of Sequoia National Park are ablaze. And even the tenacious cacti of Saguaro National Park are struggling to endure a decades-long drought.” Climatecrisis247 believes that this trend is certain to continue, but it is no different from other climate changes that have completely altered the environment in vast parts of the world.

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