EVs Don’t Get Stolen

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The National Insurance Crime Bureau has put out its list of the most stolen cars in 2023. There are no EVs on the list. It is titled “Imports Top List for America’s Most Stolen Vehicles.”

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There is good news for drivers. “More than 85 percent of passenger vehicles reported stolen were subsequently recovered by law enforcement or other means, with 34 percent recovered within a day of the vehicle being reported stolen.”

Hyundai has the two most stolen cars: 48,445 Elantras and 42,813 Sonatas. “These rankings highlight the persistent threat of vehicle theft across the country,” said NICB President and CEO David J. Glawe. 

Ford F-150 Makes The List

America’s best-selling vehicle is on the list. The Ford F-150 has been the top-selling vehicle in America for 42 years. It ranks 9th among the top 10, with 15,852 stolen. Its rival, the Chevy Silverado 1500, ranked 4th with 23,731

Why don’t EVs make the list? Among the reasons is probably the lack of charging stations. Stolen gas-powered cars are easy to refill, while thieves may drive for hours to find stations.

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