People Will Move To Minnesota, According To A Scientist

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An Accuweather scientist says that people living in weather-ravaged places like Louisiana and Florida have begun to look at Minnesota as a “safe” place. Although no state is entirely out of the range of climate catastrophes, it is among the least likely to be hit. 

Climate Haven –Is It Detroit?

Florida and Louisiana are often listed as the most flood—and hurricane-prone states. Most experts believe hurricanes in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico will become more frequent and violent. Even for residents willing to accept large storms, insurance companies covering homes in these states have begun raising rates by double digits or leaving the states completely. This has helped drive down home prices, particularly along the coasts. 

Move Back North

The move north reverses a trend that has persisted for decades. Americans have left the Northeast and Midwest for better weather. Instead, they have found that warmer weather poses a much greater risk. 

Of course, the weather in the Midwest is not perfect. Tornados usually hit Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska but sometimes come close to areas around Chicago and Detroit. Temperatures in parts of these states can drop sharply in the winter, although rarely below zero.

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