China’s Blockbuster EV IPO

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China has several EV companies, some traded on public exchanges outside China. The best-known is BYD, which US billionaire Warren Buffett partially financed.

US EV News –Washington’s Incentives

Renewables Problem –Slow Growth

China is the world’s largest and fastest-growing EV market. The capital markets have noted this, and another Chinese EV company will soon go public.

While the EV business is weak in America, the capital markets look at China differently. One of its medium-sized EV makers will go public. Demand is such that its price will be at the top of the expected range. Chinese electric vehicle maker Zeekr’s IPO price will likely be $21, higher than many investors expected. That means when it is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, it will raise $441 million. Larger China EV maker Geely has partially financed the company. 

A Chinese Luxury EV

Unlike many Chinese EV companies, Zeekr builds premium cars. China is well known for its incredibly inexpensive EVs, some priced as low as $10,000. 

Climatecrisis247 believes this shows that the rotation from gas-powered cars to EVs continues rapidly in China. Many companies are prepared to sell vehicles in the EU and US. Despite current tariffs, they will likely become competitors to global car giants, including America’s GM and Ford.

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