Porsche Is The Most Recalled EV In America

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A new study by iSeeCars, titled “Tesla and Porsche Are the Most Recalled Brands,” shows that the Porsche Taycan is America’s most recalled car model. The Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 follow it.

World’s No.1 Car Company –Still Tesla?

iSeeCars used” recall campaign data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for vehicles from the last 10 model years to calculate the number of projected recalls over an expected 30-year lifespan.” It then showed the likelihood of a recall compared to the median numbers for all brands. 

Recall Data

Based on iSeeCars data, the industry median recall was 3.2. The Porsche Taycan recall rate was 21.9x that median. The numbers are a projection. “If you’re hoping to avoid recall hassles, you can significantly improve your odds by choosing the right model,” said iSeeCars’ Executive Analyst Karl Brauer

The projected recall rate for Model Y was 20.7x the median for Model 3, 18.6x, and Lucid Air, built by the small, troubled EV company, 12.4x.

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