80 Million People Face Destructive Storms

Greg Pexels

In a week when tornadoes and huge thunderstorms have mauled much of the Midwest down to Texas, dangerous weather has moved into the South and Northeast. According to the Weather Service, 80 million people are at risk.

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The worst storms will probably hit a line from Northern Mississippi to the Florida Panhandle. Many of these areas are already subject to hurricanes that push into the Gulf. The weather has been so severe in part of this region that residential real estate insurance rates have risen. This increase has become increasingly frequent as climate change makes storms more virulent. 

Weather Service Warning

The storms described by the Weather Service will contain lightning, tornadoes, and often large hail. The storms that hit the middle of the country earlier in the week destroyed homes and business structures. Rebuilding these will take months or longer and be expensive.

The headlines about these storms are about deaths and human suffering, as they should be. However, there are also financial consequences.

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