Massive Beryl Turns Raging Wind Toward Houston

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Category 5 hurricane Beryl has destroyed Caribbean islands on its way to Mexico. Accuweather’s forecasts show it is then turning north toward Texas, particularly the huge city of Houston. Houston was hammered by 100 MPH winds in May, and it could happen again.

Blame For Beryl –Rich Nations?

Accuweather reports that even if high winds do not hit Texas, serious problems will occur. “Powerful Hurricane Beryl will continue to roar across the Caribbean, reaching Mexico prior to the end of the week. The storm will then set its sights on Texas primarily in the form of flooding from rain and storm surge.”

No Way To Prepare

Beryl shows what the US shores in the Gulf of Mexico and the coast of the Atlantic face, perhaps this year. Due to a warming Atlantic, hurricanes can intensify at remarkably rapid paces. Beryl moved from a Category 2 storm to a Category 4 storm in less than two days. In less time, it became a Category 5 storm. This gives people along the coast little time to prepare. And, even with a warning, these vast storms create unprecedented destruction. 

People who live in the Gulf and on the Atlantic think early warning systems and more carefully built houses and commercial buildings will protect them. There is no protection from a Category 5 storm.

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