Severe Storms Threaten New York And Northeast

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According to The New York Times tracker of weather events, areas from New York City into the Northeast may experience severe storms over the next two days. This will be another assault on the part of the nation that usually has temperate weather in early summer. 

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Moving into the week, storms of this kind threaten one of the most profitable holidays for the airline industry. About 70 million people travel in the US over the July 4 weekend.

The forecast does call into question the Times’ weather forecast process. It combines types of storms (hail, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tornados) with a set of odds they will occur in any one area measured against severity as well (some risk, moderate risk, high risk)

What Ratings Mean

Some risk = there is at least some chance of extreme weather in the area.

Moderate risk = it is likely that damaging weather will happen in the area.

High risk = extreme, dangerous weather is expected in the area.

Readers can look up forecasts based on metrics for their locations.

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