The State Where Farms Use The Least Water

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The battle over water and water rights has gone on for decades. As the Colorado River dries up, southwestern states and parts of California are challenging the huge use of water by farms in the Imperial Valley. Several analysts have observed that twenty farms in the US use more water than several states. 

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A new study from LawnStarter reviews farm use of water by state. In a report titled “2024’s States Where Farms Use the Most Water,” The authors looked at irrigated farm acres, the share of irrigated farmland, the share of farms with 2,000 acres compared to total farms, and the average water use per irrigated acre. States were scored on a scale with a range of 0 to 100. 

As would be expedited, farms in California use the most water, and it receives a score of 74.48. This is well ahead of second place Nebraska with a score of 53.22, Arkansas at 51.38, and Arizona at 40.96.

West Virginia

The state that used the least amount of water for farms, by far, was West Virginia, with a score of .73. It was followed by Virginia at 1.48 and Ohio at 2.20. 

West Virginia ranks 45th in agriculture acres as a percent of the state’s total acreage. Its total is 23%. The top state based on that number is Nebraska at 91%.

The report concludes that” To match population growth, global agricultural production must expand by around 70% by 2050, according to experts. Design innovations may also increase crop demand to meet future need for biofuels and bioplastics.”

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