Will Singapore Run Out Of Water?

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Mexico City is running out of water. According to Climatecrisis247, “Mexico City is the fifth largest city in the world, with 22 million people. The drought will deeply harm the city in humanitarian and financial ways.  The projected date for the water to run out, if anyone can be precise, is August 2024.”

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Another of the world’s largest cities faces a similar problem. Cape Town residents are chopping down thousands of trees. Some of these trees are considered important to avoid further damage to the climate. They also use water in an area suffering from extreme drought. Experts saw the catastrophe coming. According to The Washington Post, “Scientists from Stanford University and the United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published research in 2020 showing that climate change had made Cape Town’s drought five to six times as likely and that future droughts there were likely to be longer and more severe.”

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Over 3,000 miles from Cape Town in Singapore, the country could also run out of water. The rich nation, which has among the highest per capita economies in the world,  currently buys water from Malaysia, but the deal to secure that ends in 2061. The AP reports, “And climate change, which brings increased intense weather, rising seas and a rise in average temperatures, is expected to exacerbate water insecurity, according to research done by the Singaporean government.”

What has occurred in these three metro areas is common today. According to the United Nations World Water Development Report, two billion people cannot access clean drinking water. The problems in Mexico City, Singapore, and Cape Town are highly visible because the cities are big and located in developed nations. Hundreds of millions of other people have the same challenge, mostly in areas the world pays no attention to.

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