The Hottest Place In The World Today–109 Degrees F

Ricky Esquivel Pexels

It’s 109 degrees F in Campeche, Mexico. The city of 250,000 sits on the Yucatan Peninsula’s west coast on the Gulf of Mexico.

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Campeche, founded in 1540, is one of Mexico’s oldest cities. Its economy is dominated by fishing and tourism. 

From April to July, the mean maximum temperature is above 95 degrees F. The monthly record for each month is over 100 degrees F, topping 113 in May and 111 degrees F in April. The city’s rainy period runs from June through September. 

Unesco describes the city “Campeche is a typical example of a harbour town from the Spanish colonial period in the New World. The historic centre has kept its outer walls and system of fortifications, designed to defend this Caribbean port against attacks from the sea.”

As areas of the world experience temperatures above 100 degrees more frequently, it raises the question of whether their populations can remain in these areas safely or will eventually be forced to migrate elsewhere. It is hot enough in Campeche to raise this question.

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