June Temperatures Set Record As Hottest In History

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European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service reports that last month was the hottest June in recorded history. Each of the last 13 months has broken the related record.

Zeke Hausfather, a research scientist at Berkeley Earth told Reuters, “I now estimate that there is an approximately 95% chance that 2024 beats 2023 to be the warmest year since global surface temperature records began in the mid-1800s.”

The news means the odds that efforts to slow global warming are failing. This, in turn, means that the “point of no return” scientists say is 1.5 degrees C average above preindustrial levels has probably already been breached. Hundreds of billions of dollars to stay below that point have not worked. While these investments will continue, the benefits are less likely than hoped. 

Wild weather events have been more frequent recently. Beryl, now active off the coast of Texas, was the earliest Atlantic storm to reach a Category 5 level in history. Temperatures in parts of the US have topped 110 degrees F and have broken records throughout the area.

The proof has not just happened in the US. Record highs have been set across much of India. Recently, heat-related deaths in Saudi Arabia have reached the hundreds. There is also evidence that ice is melting faster than expected in the Arctic and Antarctic. 

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