The Hottest Place In The World Today 115 Degrees

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It’s 115 degrees F in Marble Bar, Australia, which has been among the hottest places on the continent for several decades. The temperature is over 105 degrees F in several towns in the same region–north-western Western Australia. It is near the coast, south of the Indian Ocean. 

The worst year for American storms

The area around Marble Bar gets nearly no rain from April through December and only receives 14 inches in an average year. Rarely the region is hit by a monsoon, which can drop what would normally be a full year of rain in one or two days.

According to ABC Australia, the results of a large heatwave extend well south to the largest city on the country’s west coast–Perth. “In short: Western Australia is sweltering in the midst of a severe three-day heatwave. Some parts of Perth reached 45 degrees Celsius.” (The figure is approximately 108 degrees F)

Perth Heat

While Marble Bar’s population is a few hundred people, Perth’s is 2.2 million. At temperatures over 100 degrees F, the heat becomes dangerous for those who spend any time outdoors, particularly those who do manual labor. 

Perth will have challenges similar to Phoenix if these temperatures persist for long periods. On the hottest days, people will only be safe if they can access air conditioning. 

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