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There is no accurate measure of heat deaths in the US. As parts of the country routinely have temperatures above 100 degrees F and have set records in places like Las Vegas, where the mercury jumped to 120 degrees, tracking these deaths has become more critical. According to Bloomberg, “A geographer at Florida State University, Ueijo used temperature data and death records to determine that, between 2015 and 2019, heat killed an average of 34 people a year in the county who wouldn’t have died otherwise.” Another study put the comparable number at 600. Climatecrisis247 believes that there have been similar problems in Phoenix and other cities. The Phoenix metro area reported just over 600 heat-related deaths last year. However, that is likely very low. The city has 54 days during which temperatures were above 110 degrees F. Poor data collection can mean the seriousness of the problem has not surfaced. 

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Problems With Green Energy –How Troubled Are Wind And Solar?

The global economy has produced a huge number of green-related jobs according to the OECD. In a research paper titled “OECD employment at record high while the climate transition expected to lead to significant shifts in labour markets,” the authors pointed out “About 20% of the OECD workforce is employed in green-driven occupations that will likely be positively impacted by the climate transition.” Some of these green jobs are at companies that work directly on environmental issues. Others are at suppliers. The report showed that not all green jobs are created equal. “High-skill green-driven jobs usually pay higher-than-average wages, but low-skill green-driven jobs tend to have worse job quality than other low-skill jobs, suggesting that these sectors may be a relatively unattractive option for low-skilled workers.” The figures are based on data from 2015 to 2019. Climatecrisis247 believes that the numbers are useless because they are so old. The greening of the developed world’s economy has picked up since 2019. 

Beryl Weather Problem Spreads

The remnants of Hurricane Beryl will affect weather over a thousand miles from Texas, where it came ashore with damaging Category 1 winds and flooding. Accuweather says significant damage could be in “northeast Arkansas, western Tennessee, southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, southern Indiana, western Kentucky, and southwest Ohio.” Eventually, parts of the weather pattern created by the storm could reach as far as Maine. Climatecrisis247 believes that this shows massive hurricanes can spread dangerous weather great distances from the areas over which they were created and first made landfall. This becomes increasingly important because of forecasts these storms will be much stronger and more frequent. 

China Climate Crisis

The US is not the only vast nation dealing with climate change. It has become a big problem in China, and it is changing government policy. According to The Washington Post, “China’s summer has begun with a huge emergency-response effort in multiple provinces to prevent extreme weather, now routine, from turning into a political and humanitarian crisis for the ruling Communist Party. “ Climatecrisis247 believes that these actions are not unlike those in America. States cannot provide the financial support and rebuilding of areas affected by large climate disasters, so federal government agencies become the source of money and some portion of reconstruction.

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