Beryl Damage Spreads To Illinois, Kentucky, And Ohio

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Beryl, the Category 5 hurricane that spread severe damage across the Caribbean and Mexico before coming ashore in Texas as a Category 1 storm, is spreading dangerous weather to the Midwest and as far, perhaps, as Maine. Accuweather says, “Beryl could produce severe thunderstorms and tornadoes Tuesday in northeast Arkansas, western Tennessee, southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, southern Indiana, western Kentucky, and southwest Ohio.”

Climate Crisis –Big Oil Won’t Go Away

The most significant threat from the storm system will be flooding caused by torrential rainfall. Forecasts show that upstate New York, parts of Vermont, and Maine could receive high levels of rain late in the week.

These problems will only worsen as time passes. This hurricane season is expected to be among the most active on record. Beryl shows how the warming Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico help modest-sized storm systems turn into monsters with winds as high as 150 MPH. 

Insurance Rates Rise

Among the eventual threats the spread of these storms will have is financial. Residential rates have doubled in parts of Florida and the Gulf states, including Texas and Louisiana. Those risks have spread to the country’s middle, already plagued by more powerful storms that bring hail and tornadoes. 

Over time, these storms will also hit residential values in the same places where insurance rates increase.

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