Massive Heat Hits Asia And Africa –Most Important Climate News   5/15/24

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The IEA has issued a new forecast for oil supply and demand for the balance of the year. It said growth would slow compared to its previous predictions. “Global oil demand is set to rise by 1.1 mb/d in 2024, 140 kb/d less than projected in last month’s Report as weak deliveries, notably in Europe, shifted first-quarter OECD demand into contraction.” It kept its forecast for 2025 the same. It was also reported that there had been a recent drop because of worries about a weak economy. However, it said geopolitical events in the Middle East still had uncertain outcomes. Climatecrisis247 believes that the report is not very valuable. It leaves out a considerable analysis of the dangers of a war in the Middle East and Ukrainian attacks on Russian oil facilities. 

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Last month, the large heatwave in Southeast Asia was only possible due to climate change. In several countries, temperatures increased to all-time levels. According to The Guardian, the study reached the same conclusions about a heatwave in Africa. The paper reported, “The scientists warned of worse to come. If global temperature rises to 2C, repeats of April’s extreme heat will be expected every two to three years in the Philippines and every five years in Israel, Palestine and nearby countries.” Climatecrisis247 believes that while the report is new, the conclusions are not, particularly if viewed based on worldwide temperatures, drought, storm, and flood damage. The pace at which these are accelerating is faster than most forecasts for just a year ago. 

Climate Harm From New EV Tariffs

Tariffs announced by the Biden Administration could speed global warming. Politico reports Albert Park, chief economist at the Asian Development Bank said, “If you’re thinking about the global transition to net zero, or just reducing carbon as fast as possible, then if some country is willing to subsidize production of green goods — solar power, EVs — then the rest of the world should say thank you very much,” Climatecrisis247 believes this political tension is driven by forces that on the one hand are meant to save US jobs and companies which face import challenges or on the other hand help the environment. The Chinese government has underwritten companies, including EV manufacturers, to allow them to expand. The administration decided to make an economically sound one to help America’s auto industry, for example, and its workers. At the same time, a surge in cheap EVs would help drive down fossil fuel emissions. 

New Massive Canadian Wildfires

Huge fires in Western Canada have caused smoke to blow south into the US. The Associated Press reported that smoke and problematic atmospheric conditions could hit more southern areas of the Midwest by midweek, spreading into Iowa and northern Illinois and even reaching Chicago.  Climatecrisis247 believes this is the beginning of a similar but worse problem last year. Massive fires driven by winds that took smoke into the US hit an area as far south as Washinton DC, as far east as New York City, and as far west as Minneapolis. Some scientists believe massive fires will burn across Canada’s large fields and forests every year triggered by drought and high winds.

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