Climate Crisis To Wreck Europe

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A new study says that Europe will be battered badly by climate change. It also suggests several policy decisions to soften the blow. Since there is little or no history of this kind of sweeping policy change, there is every reason to prepare for the worst.

Big FiresThe Amazon

It’s SinkingTexas City

The Europen Environment Agency released a report titled “Europe is not prepared for rapidly growing climate risks.” “Europe” could be replaced by the US, Mexico, South America, India, or Africa. The issues in the report are related or common among almost every region in the world.

The conclusion of the scientist who wrote the report:

According to the assessment, Europe’s policies and adaptation actions are not keeping pace with the rapidly growing risks. In many cases, incremental adaptation will not be sufficient and, as many measures to improve climate resilience require a long time, urgent action may be needed even on risks that are not yet critical.  

The primary challenges listed–the ecosystem, access to food, health (which is the most considerable threat according to the analysis), infrastructure (in large part because of flooding), and the economy and finance. 

The effort must be “co-owned” by the nations in the EU, but that is unlikely to work.

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