These Five Cities Will Set Record Highs This Summer

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US summer temperatures have already reached records in hundreds of cities and towns. Because of global warming, record highs can be expected to continue through July and August. It will be hard to top the 54 days that Phoenix had temperatures over 110 F last year. However, other cities are expected to have highs well over 100 degrees. Three weeks ago, the temperature in Las Vegas hit 112 degrees. Several cities on the East Coast had heat indexes of over 100 for several days. 

Another Heat Problem –Canadian Wildfires?

Carewell has issued a research report titled “Top U.S. Cities at Risk for Senior Heat Stroke.” In each case, temperatures will likely be dangerously high in August for all population segments.

How High Are The Records?

First on the list, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Phoenix, all in Arizona, are expected to post a high of 110.4 degrees F. Two cities in Nevada are expected to have temperatures of 107.8–Henderson and Las Vegas.

Other cities expected to have record highs near 100 are Albuquerque at 97.3 and Wichita at 97.9

These cities have yet to reach the point where habitability in the summer is an issue. This is primarily because of air conditioning. However, several hundred people died from heat-related illnesses in the area around Phoenix last year, and the problem is likely to get worse.

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