Nissan May Join Ford As EV Loser

Toms Svilans Pexels

Every traditional car company worldwide is moving as fast as possible into EV production. However, the rush has failed, as companies, including Ford, GM, and German manufacturers, have slowed their multibillion plans due to falling demand. Some car companies can resist the lure of what they believe is the future. 

EV Trouble –Ford Can’t Get It Right

According to Reuters, Nissan’s management plans to improve its EV performance while cutting costs to increase profitability. Nissan believes hybrids and EVs will account for 50% of its new vehicle sales by 2030. Over that period, Nissan plans to launch 30 models,  16 of which will be EVs. Reuters reports,  “Nissan plans to reduce the cost of the next generation of EVs by 30% to make them comparable to internal combustion engine models by 2030.”  

Nissan Is Late

Climatecrisis247 has seen several of the world’s largest car companies set similar plans. Nissan’s worry should be that its strategy is not different from that of every major rival in Japan, the EU, and the US. The success of China’s BYD may also ruin these plans, as its inexpensive EVs become available outside their home market.

Nissan has admitted it needs six years to become an EV leader. That is too long by about seven years.

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