Ford Tries To Dump Mach-E With Aggressive Offers

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According to new research, the number of days Mustang Mach-Es are on dealer lots has risen to over 300, one of the highest levels of any model in the US. Ford has tried to combat this by using unusually aggressive financing to attract buyers. 

Car models that sit on lots for long periods affect manufacturers and dealers alike. Dealers want to reserve their space for popular cars. Mach-Es use up some of this space. Ford now allows dealers to rent the Mustang Mach-Es in stock, but no one thinks that solves the problem. 

EV Sales –Big Changes In California

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Ford’s parts and assembly systems were set up to sell many times the number of Mach-Es it sells today. The same holds for Ford’s EV flagship, the F-150 Lightning. Ford used the best-selling vehicle brand in America to launch an EV pickup with the same name. When gas-powered F-150 units are added to those of the GM Chevy Silverado and the RAM, full-sized pickups are the best-selling vehicles in the US. The Lightning was a sure thing until it was not. 

Mustang Brand

Ford took the Mustang brand, which had been known since 1964 as an all-American sports car, and pinned it to an EV crossover. Why Ford thought that would work is, and will be, a mystery.

Ford’s current financial offer for potential Mach-E customers is 0% APR for 72 months. A typical new car loan is over 7%. The Chase offer for people with good credit is 7.74% APR for 72 months. The Ford offer is a sign of its desperation. 

Ford’s EV launches have been a catastrophe. There is no better example than the Mach-E.

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