Las Vegas 115 Degree Heat Wave To Hit Economy

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Nevada is about to be hit by temperatures as high as 115 degrees F, which would break records. It has only been a month since the city was affected by 110-degree days. The heat will shutter some businesses, particularly construction ones, as the city erects several new towers and buildings. 

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Las Vegas has ten large construction jobs for 2024. They are primarily hotels, athletic facilities, and restaurants. A recent study showed that in temperatures above 100 degrees, construction projects that usually take two days will take three. That is a 50% increase, which interrupts the timing of projects requiring significantly tight timetables. 

Las Vegas is not alone. John Mejia, a climatologist with the Desert Research Institute, recently said, “Right now, 130 million people are exposed to extreme heat in the U.S. not only because of the heat wave on the West Coast, but there is also an ongoing heat wave in the Southeast and Northwest.” As the size of these heat waves grows, they raise GDP across a wide area. 

Global Results

Although the figures are on a global level, the World Economic Forum reported, “Each 1°C increase in global temperature can be linked to a 12% decline in global GDP, according to the report by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).”

Most of the comments about high temperatures concern their effects on human health. However, the economy can suffer as severely.

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