Texas Faces Huge And Multimillion Hit From Beryl

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As hurricane Beryl raced across the Caribbean, it became a rare Category 5 hurricane and ruined some small islands. It has just hit the Yucatan Peninsula. Although it has been downgraded, AccuWeather reports it may hit Texas with hurricane winds and massive flooding. 

Next Beryl Target –Houston

Texas has already experienced an enormous windstorm this year. Houston suffered 100 MPH winds in May. Seven people died. The damage ranged into the millions of dollars. One million homes and businesses lost electricity, which shuttered some of these companies for days.

Beryl is expected to cause floods throughout South Texas and a storm surge of as much as six feet as it moves north and hooks East toward Louisiana. Houston will be directly in its path. 

2018 Hurricane

The last time a large hurricane struck Houston was in 2018 when Hurricane Harvey came ashore. A more significant storm than Beryl, Harvey caused $125 billion in damages. Beryl is not large enough to match that but could trigger billions of dollars in damages.

Beryl is the first example of how warm water from the Atlantic and the Carribean can quickly strengthen into a Category 5 storm. This hurricane season is expected to be among the most active in history. Texas has more storm problems coming its way.

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