Extreme Heat Moves Toward Florida Hurricane Areas

Extreme heat has raced east across the US. 100-degree temperatures have moved from Las Vegas and Phoenix to the Tampa area, ironically, the area damaged by Hurricane Idalia last August. 

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According to The National Weather Service Heat Risk Map, “major heat” will move temperatures to 96 degrees with much higher heat indexes. There will not be any storm relief. The area has been plagued by drought for weeks, and cities have started to ration water. This rationing, in turn, costs homeowners and cities large sums of money because of damage done to parks and lawns. The heat also undermines productivity as workers need to stay indoors, at least in the middle of the day.


The Florida problem is another example of more than one weather challenge hitting an area simultaneously. Heat is often, at least in Florida, a trigger for storms. However, the doubt in Florida will continue for days, if not weeks longer.

Worth noting, late next week, extreme heat is expected to hit south Texas again as the hit, in a reversal of direction, moves west again.

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